YADKINVILLE-- After eight months of construction, the Courtney elementary school gym is now just weeks away from being finished.

The old gym was destroyed during a tornado that tore through Yadkin County in May of 2017.

The original date of completion was scheduled for the end of October, but officials say it could be ready by as early as October first.

Officials say the gym is about ninety percent done, and now crews are working on painting, staining, and hanging the scoreboard and basketball nets.

Denny Key, the director of operations for Yadkin County Schools, said, "I wanted to make sure that Courtney elementary school had a gym to play basketball in this November, and I wanted it to be in here, and I think we're on target for that."

Dr. Todd Martin, the superintendant for Yadkin County schools, said, "When they come in and see that we have tried to remain true to the original spirit of the old gym, I think everybody's gonna be pretty happy."

Crews were able to salvage the old bleachers and light fixtures, to move into the new gym.


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