PILOT MOUNTAIN, N.C. -- Volunteers joined Park Rangers in planting trees at Pilot Mountain State Park Saturday. Their goal was to plant 3,000 shortleaf pine on over 30 acres of land.

Park Ranger, Jesse Anderson, said "Shortleaf pine have been declining throughout the range mainly due to pine beetles and also timbering."

He added that it takes about 20 years from the time they are planted for the trees to stand tall. As they’re small and growing they are actually a great resource for wildlife in the state park.

Prescribed fires are also good for natural habitats like the one they’re building near where the Yadkin and Ararat Rivers meet.

Anderson said, “Fire is actually very beneficial for short leaf habitat. Once these trees get established we'll use prescribed fire to manage the landscape.”

Anderson said on a good day one person could plant up to 100 trees by hand.