KERNERSVILLE -- The Kernersville Reptile Center is home to a lot.

"We got alligators, crocodiles, we've got caimans which is three of the four different species of crocodilian on the planet anyway, so we have three of the four. We have all different styles of venomous snakes," said Chad Griffin, CCSB Reptile Rescue and Rehab Center owner.

Chad Griffin has been running the Reptile Center for about two years but has had a love for reptiles since he was really young. Griffin wants to change the name to 'zoo' instead of the traditional 'serpentarium.'

"In a sense, we already are a zoo or a science educational center which is why we call it the reptile center because it's an overview, there's adoptables, there's viewables, there's education, there's a little bit of everything because it's not a pet store," said Griffin.

Griffin adopts and rehabilitates reptiles. He moved out of his smaller, original location last February because he ran out of space. Right now his business is zoned retail. But if he expands his educational and animal components he has to talk to the town.    

"It would depend on what exactly, he would need to tell us exactly what he's doing because if you're just adding an educational component to what's already a retail store then that would just be accessory use and that would be okay. It would really just depend on the size and scale in which he's trying to operate," said Mike Horney, Town of Kernersville development services manager.

Griffin has a lot of ideas to bring more attention to these unique creatures.

"We want to bring in a lot more and people be able to come and see stuff from all over the world and be able to enjoy it and learn from it and not just have to see it from a cue card but be able to talk to us, or my guys or be able to interact with certain animals and be able to see things. And that's more about what this is about," Griffin.

Right now Griffin doesn't yet have a timetable for the expansion.