UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Members of the Union County School Board are furious with one of their own.

Board member, Dennis Rape, has been accused of making racially insensitive comments. 

The school board on Tuesday discussed an account from Nov. 9th where member Rape made statements to the effect of "you don't get between a black man and his pork".

This was reportedly in reference to a Dave Chappelle sketch.

In another incident, Mr. Rape allegedly referred to the passing around of gum as "puff puff pass".

Some members felt Mr. Rape's behavior warrants his resignation. 

Rape apologized, but said "I emphatically deny the things they say I said. This was a misunderstanding"

Rape does not plan to resign, but has been stripped of all of his committee positions, and has been ordered to take sensitivity classes.