GREENSBORO -- The gate opened up to the Greensboro Police Department's evidence lot and ‘Bikesboro' helped wheel them out on their trailer.

"The goal for these bikes are to fix them up and give them to people who need them," said Sheldon Herman with Bikesboro.

Bikesboro is a group of people who fix up bikes to give them away. Wednesday, they were only expecting to pick up 45 from police, but that number doubled.

"Most of these bikes were found property. They've been brought to us over the last year," said Gordon Shanks, a Greensboro Police Department’s property and evidence technician.

Police store the abandoned bikes for 60 days. After that, they are free to be destroyed or donated. The unexpected amount of bikes forced the Bikesboro folks to make two trips.

"We've given them 591 bikes since 2010," said Shanks.

Herman says about half of Wednesday's collection will be re-usable.

"A lot of the other ones we'll use for parts and some are just simply so bad we'll just send them off to metal recycling," said Herman.

Or, sometimes they won't be wasted at all.

"We do have a bike artist friend of mine who will take stuff that's absolutely unusable and he'll turn it into art," said Herman.

Herman continues to wheel the bikes behind his wife's business where they'll be built back up to be rolled out on the streets.

"These bicycles are going to be stored here and over the course of the next few months, we're going to repair them and we're going to give them to Church World Service," said Herman.

Other organizations that benefit include the Warnersville Recreation Center and Every Campus a Refuge.

"I'm out here almost every day working on bikes. Another place we give bikes is, if people get jobs at some places that don't actually get paid enough to be able to afford cars, I try to give bikes directly to them," said Herman.

Herman tells us he's always looking for bicycles, parts or tool donations to help keep his mission rolling on two wheels in the Gate City.

To find out how you can donate to Bikesboro’s mission, click here.