Thursday, Equifax was again hit by a data breach leaving millions of people concerned if their sensitive information fell into the wrong hands. The company had to temporarily take the customer service webpage offline after more than 140 million people were impacted.

In response, North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry tweeted, “This is absolutely ridiculous & further highlights the urgent need for my new bill, the #ProtectAct.”

According a  release on his website, H.R. 4028 would put an end to creditors using citizen’s social security number as a basis for identification. By 2020 the use of these numbers would fade out and it would also add protection from large agencies for victims of identity theft, children, active military personnel and people older than 65 years old.

He said the breach harmed many of his constituents in the western part of the state and he believes his bill would prevent it from happening again.

“It prevents future harm to all Americans by requiring the largest credit reporting agencies to be subjected to the same standards and supervision as the rest of the financial industry. It protects Americans by creating a national credit freeze that actually works. Finally, it prohibits the largest credit reporting agencies from continuing to rely upon the most sensitive of Americans’ personal information: our Social Security Numbers,” McHenry said.

For more information on this bill visit his website