GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Current Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughn will face Presbyterian minister Diane Moffett in the November election.

Moffett beat out businessman John T. Brown for the spot against the two-term incumbent.

Vaughn had 61.5 percent of the vote while Moffett has 21.6 percent and Brown had 16.9 percent.

"The results really reflect that the majority of the voters feel that we are going in the right direction," said Vaughn. "I just hope that more people will come out and vote in Novemeber. I think it's important that everybody is involved in local government."

Moffett says she's ready to get to work on her plans for the city.

"I want to bring people together," said Moffett. "I want everybody to have an opportunity, that means looking critically at some the systems making sure we are focusing on getting good paying jobs, and people's relationships with each other."

Vaughan has been Greensboro’s mayor since 2013.

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