GREENSBORO -- During National Forensics Science Week, the Greensboro Police Department is highlighting the important role of proper crime scene investigation.

On Tuesday and Thursday the department is helping out parents by fingerprinting their children so they can keep a child ID kit. And on Saturday, you can take part in "A Day in the Life: CSI" to get a behind the scenes look at what investigators do daily.

One forensic specialist says the goal is to debunk myths people see on TV shows like "Law and Order."

"Fingerprints aren't on certain surfaces. It depends on how the person handled the item; did they smear it? Did they put their hand on the item easily? These are the items we want to explain because people have an idea that when we show up we are going to get evidence," said Christa Leonard, forensic specialist.

Leonard says in reality it can take anywhere from about six months to two years to get DNA evidence processed. 

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