GUILFORD COUNTY-- Guilford Middle School is getting a much needed makeover.

Principal Patrice Brown along with faculty and students celebrated the beginning of a new chapter as they took a dig at the groundbreaking ceremony.

"This gives our students a sense of pride to be able walk into a beautiful new building which reflects what they deserve which is the very best," said Principal Brown.

Santiago Garcia-Rico is a current 8th grade student who reflected on some of the building problems he encountered at Guilford Middle School.

"I remember my first year here I was in the 6th grade building and there were a lot of leaks from the ceilings, cracks everywhere, and now the new school is coming and whole bunch of problems are going to be fixed," said Garcia-Rico.

He also wishes the best for the students who will be able to enjoy the new building calling them "lucky."

According to Guilford County Schools, the new middle school will not be complete until August 2018 but classes will start in February 2018.