WINSTON-SALEM -- Two popular attractions for kids will soon be one.


SciWorks and the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem have announced they will merge.

While the two museums will remain in separate buildings for now, officials said visitors can expect to see more collaborations on the programs they offer as soon as the merger becomes effective on July 1.

"I think that over time you're going to see more programming and more sharing of resources and more partnership and collaboration than you've seen in the past,” said Elizabeth Dampier, executive director at the Children’s Museum.

The two are also considering moving into a new, joint location at some point in the future, as officials look to address concerns that the Children's Museum is outgrowing its current space and that SciWorks’ location is too remote for many would-be visitors.

“If we can find a new location that works well for the community, that provides access for everyone in the community, and allows us to deliver our program as well as we could, then it would behoove us to find that new location and perhaps move under a single roof,” said Paul Kortenaar, SciWorks’ executive director.

Kortenaar and Dampier said that other logistics, including the possibility of a joint membership structure, were still being hammered out and would become clearer as the merger’s effective date draws near.