GREENSBORO -- There's something new on tap on the Gate City's restaurant scene. "World of Beer" officially opened its doors Monday offering hundreds of different brews from across the globe.

Canada, Mexico, Germany and other countries are featured in World of Beer's coolers in Greensboro.

"We have 53 taps technically. We've got a cask, and we've also got an infusion tower. Both of those are really rare in the area," said Frankie Mifsud, World of Beer employee.

Employees show off their knowledge of the brews World of Beer offers customers after completing a two-week long beer school.

"We start very simple with the history of beer, where it comes from, how old it is, how long it's been around. We go all the way through the brewing process. We recognize about 69 different styles of beer here at World of Beer out of the 150 plus that there are," said Derek Thomas, World of Beer general manager.

Employees say it's rigorous studying. There were about 60 employees, but roughly half of them dropped out of the training. Managers say it has to be tough when they offer more than 500 craft beers.

"People can come and experience beer, brand new beers they've never heard of, styles they've never heard of and have so many selections, and I think it's such a changing industry. And we really captured that," said Thomas.

Management says the industry is starting to change a bit. They say we're getting out of the sports bar era and into a more "home-like" atmosphere offering local craft brews.

"We can take the person that's not really sure what craft beer is all about and haven't really stepped into that realm yet, and we can actually pair their beer with something else. And we basically navigate them through the whole process. About the time they leave, they've had a completely different beer," said Thomas.

With more than 100 breweries across North Carolina and thousands in the world, staff want their customers to step out of the norm and try something new.

"I want them to tell me what beers they like, and I want to give them suggestions on something else they can try. I want then leaving here with a new beer that they never have even heard of maybe or never tried before," said Mifsud.

The company has three other locations in North Carolina. This Greensboro one is the only one that has a full kitchen and serves lunch and dinner.