GREENSBORO -- There’s a new treatment to help people diagnosed with chronic sinusitis.

It's a common disease often caused by allergy problems. Otolaryngologist Dr. Ron Shealy said the symptoms should not to be mistaken with the common cold.

“There's everything from headaches to just facial pressure,” he said. “There's eye pressure, there's ear pain. Occasionally, there may be some dizziness. Generally pretty significant nasal congestion blockage."

In extreme cases, patients develop nasal polyps.

"They -- once they're there -- create the obstruction that creates the reoccuring infection problem” Dr. Shealy said. “If those polyps are there, you really don't have much of an opportunity to do much from a medical standpoint."

Shealy often suggested surgery to his patients with those symptoms but noticed it wasn’t the most effective treatment. Now he’s using “Propel.” It's an implant that expands to prop open the sinus and deliver anti-inflammatory medicine to the sinus lining. It then eventually dissolves into the body.

“What I've done is used it on the people who are worst offenders to begin with,” he said. “I figure if it works for these folks, it'll probably work for most anybody."

His patient, Paula Booze, had the device implanted during her third surgery to improve her airways.

“It was a night and day difference with those devices,” she said. 

Bringing Booze's sinusitis under control and allowing her to finally breathe easy after suffering for nearly 15 years.

People who qualify for "Propel" are typically those with long-term sinsus problems. A doctor evaluation can determine if its the best solution for you.