It's something you wouldn't think could have a big impact on your health....sitting. Many of us do it at home and at work, but experts say too much of it can be bad for your health and that's it's time to take a stand.

As a cardiac arrest survivor, Johnnie Davis knows he is lucky; it's why his health is one of his top priorities."It was very scary; it was very touch and go because there was so much time that elapsed with me not having any oxygen to the brain, so no one knew exactly what was going to be my outcome,” said Davis.

Working from home, Davis still makes sure he is active."When I'm on calls, I actually like to walk around while I’m talking on the phone, because the energy is flowing and, so, it actually comes across during my conversation. They can feel that I have more energy, I'm more into the conversation, and I'm paying attention, and it just feels better," said Davis.

There's a science behind that feeling: standing could be better for your health than sitting.

"We know that sitting for extended periods of time is associated with risks of weight gain, obesity, metabolic disease, diabetes, even some cancers," said Julie Marino, the program coordinator of exercise science at UNC-Charlotte.

Marino recommends staying active througout your busy workday. "We recommend trying to break up extended periods of sitting with even just standing or light physical activity, even if it's just a couple of minutes, trying to avoid sitting for longer than thirty minutes at a time, whether it's going to the water fountain, visiting someone in the office down the hall, just getting out of your seat,” said Marino.

Marino also recommends standing when you take a phone call at work to help you stand more throughout the day.

For Davis, he says overall, exercise is key to your health, saying, “making sure that you incorporate exercise as your daily routine; it has to become part of your life because you know, heart disease is the number one killer in the world today. You give your heart and your body a fighting chance to survive and to be healthy."