Alex Peterson started with Spectrum News in August 2016, and wears two hats in the Charlotte newsroom: producer and reporter. He's responsible for the weekend nightside shows, and reports nightside three days a week. Yes, he writes, shoots, edits, produces, interviews...what CAN'T he do? Dive. He can't dive. 

OK back on topic. After graduating from Point Park University in Pittsburgh with a degree in On-Camera Broadcasting, Alex began his journalism career in September 2013, as a morning lifestyle show producer at WIVB-TV in Buffalo, NY. There, he booked local organizations, groups and events to appear on the show, in addition to scheduling live segments with celebrities in town. Basically, he was there to tell them he's a big fan, love your work and 'oh, sure.'

After his stint in Buffalo, Alex moved on to be a reporter/fill-in anchor at WJET/WFXP, the ABC/FOX duopoly in Erie, Pennsylvania. The beautiful lake and the unshakable passion of the local community made a lasting impression. From icy liveshots in countless blizzards, to local investigations on puppy mills - there was never a dull day. The Erie market was the perfect place for a young journalist to cut his teeth, polish his skills and create a starting off point. The chill of Northwestern PA and the alluring waves of Lake Erie, weren't enough, though, to keep Alex there forever.

Next stop - CHARLOTTE, from "yinz to ya'll." With the promise of warmer weather, bigger challenges and more diverse stories, what journalist would say no to the Queen City? Some of the big stories Alex has covered so far include 2016's wildfires in the high-country, the Uptown Riots, the repeal of HB2 "the bathroom bill", and the 2017 PGA Tournament at Charlotte's Quail Hollow.

When he's not trying to be the next Murrow award winner, Alex is an avid fan of cars and spends a lot of his time at area junkyards perusing old, broken down or wrecked cars for parts. It's odd, he knows, just let it go. You might also find him running or rollerblading along the Queen City's greenways on those hot days, taking a load off by the pool, reading up on the latest out of Hollywood and what we all need more of - sleeping. He loves to sleep. Don't lie, you do too.

Follow Alex on twitter at @APStyle for updates on the latest news in the greater Charlotte region, what reality TV show he's watching or what trendy food he just downed - it's 2017, food always gets major 'likes.' Thanks for reading ya'll!