JACKSONVILLE, N.C. -- For decades, thousands of families were exposed to the toxic water on Camp Lejeune.

This weekend, loved ones were able to attend a public meeting to hear more about the government's financial response and voice their concerns about the problem.

One family in attendance lost a special woman in their lives and now they want answers.

For retired Sgt. Major John Bulla it was his wife, Lorene Bulla, who died from one of the eight diseases Veterans Affairs listed in connection with the contaminated water.

Bulla says when he thinks back to his wife being sick they never thought it would be terminal.

"It was actually no different than if any of our children got sick,” said Bulla. “We were all taking care of one another. We were taking care of her in the hopes that she would come back and overcome what her problem was."

Bulla and his family hope that their questions will be answered soon and that not only the veterans, but also the families affected will receive compensation.