SHALLOTTE, N.C. -- One Brunswick County newborn will be able to say he got his start in the fast lane.

On Dec. 1, Katie DeAnda says her day started with getting her kids ready for school, but then she started feeling pretty painful contractions.

"When I started feeling the stronger contractions, I knew I was like, 'okay this is it, we have to go,'” said DeAnda.

Her husband left to switch his company car for his work car and DeAnda call her sister, Lauren St. George, who is also a registered nurse.

However, because the family had been made previously aware that the newborn’s heart required special attention, they had to drive about 40 minutes away from their home to New Hanover County Regional Medical Center.

"You know things happen for a reason. I knew that God was with us, and that there was angels around us, and stuff that was going to keep us safe,” said DeAnda.

The newborn, however, had other plans. Earlier than expected, DeAnda could feel her child coming. That was when Lauren stepped in.

"She felt my stomach because she couldn't feel the contractions. So she was like 'we need to pull over and check you'. And so when she did, the water broke. He came right out with the water, I pushed one time and he was out," said DeAnda.

Lauren says she really wants everyone to be proud that her sister stayed strong throughout the whole process and together their bond grew stronger.

Kaleb DeAnda was born on the side of U.S. Highway 17 in Brunswick County, weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces.

Mom and baby are doing just fine and now Kaleb will have an interesting story to tell his friends when he grows up.

"You know he'll never not hear about it. We have lots of pictures and lots of memories and stuff to be able to tell him."