WILMINGTON, N.C. -- The concern over GenX continues but Gov. Roy Cooper says the state is taking action to fix the problem.

Monday morning, Cooper met with state and local leaders for the first time since the issue came to light back in June.

Cooper’s visit to Wilmington comes less than a week after local leaders sent a letter to the governor stressing the need for response from the state. 

During the conference, Cooper laid out a plan to stop the flow of GenX in the Cape Fear River. 

That plan includes denying a new permit to Chemours that would allow them to dump the chemical into the water. 

Cooper said he will also look into whether any criminal charges are warranted. 

"Now here in North Carolina when the GenX flow stopped, I know many remained concerned about other unregulated and emerging compounds that may be flowing through the water,” said Cooper. “I'm concerned too as are people all over the country. This is a state and national issue that we must address."

The governor said he also plans to expand the Science Advisory Board and require enhanced disclosure from companies that seek permits to dump chemicals. 

Cooper stressed that the water is safe to drink but that testing on the drinking supply will continue.