CAMP LEJEUNE -- Their attire looks the same but for some of the men and women visiting the Wounded Warrior Battalion East, their background is different. About 40 wounded Danish warriors have been visiting Camp Lejeune for the past couple days.

"For me serving in the military was a life-changer. I used to be kind of a troubled kid, and I got straightened out as soon as I joined the Army," said Lance Cpl. Benjamin Kragsskjold, Danish Army.

Kragsskjold is one of the 40 Danish Wounded Warriors visiting Camp Lejeune.

"Yesterday got a quick tour. Met all the comrades in the Marine Corps, and for us Danes, seeing Marine Corps bases is a huge experience for us because this space is about the same size as the third largest island in Denmark," said Kragsskjold.

For the past few days, both Danish and U.S. wounded warriors took part in adaptive sporting activities.

On Tuesday it was a visit to the pistol range.

"They fought side by side with us and seeing them again here in this capacity gave us a great opportunity to reminisce about some of the times that we've spent fighting in Afghanistan," said Sgt. Maj. Edward Parsons, U.S. Marine.

Officials said it is good for their recovery process.

"I was hit by an IED in '08 in Afghanistan. Unfortunately lost my right leg and sustained a lot of damages to my other leg, my arm, my face and my teeth. I've been through a lot of rehabilitating and a lot of operations, but I feel fine now," said Kragsskjold.

"They also normal persons like us, have the same stories, been in the same war, they have the same issues, and they are very good soldiers as we are," said Gunnery Sgt. Jacob Panton, Danish Army.

"Having our Danish partners here let's us see that, 'Hey, the wounded warrior concept and what we go through as wounded warriors is an international language.' That sort of camaraderie in brother and sisterhood brings us all together," said Parsons.