CHARLOTTE ---- When Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina in October, it left a trail of destruction and devastation.  Churches and non-profits immediately stepped up to bring donations to people in flood-ravaged Lumberton, but the help dwindled as the weeks passed. However, a church in Charlotte never stopped sending aid.

Every Thursday for more than two months, volunteers at St. John's Episcopal Church in Charlotte have loaded up their cars with supplies to take to Lumberton.

"We made a run right after Hurricane Matthew hit, and it was devastating," said Rev. Nancee Cekuta, associate rector at St. John's Episcopal. Just looking at the faces of the victims of this area, it was so discouraging and overwhelming emotionally. The folks that were with me, we said we've gotta keep going. Here we are, still doing it."

Rev. Cekuta says St. John's is the only church in Charlotte still making regular deliveries.

"They call us the Charlotte angels," she said.

They rely on donations from the congregation and church members willing to make the round-trip journey each week.

"We're just going to make a fun day out of it, driving to Lumberton and back," said David Payne, a member at St. John's. "They're North Carolinians and we're here and we're one family and we're going to help them out as much as possible for as long as possible."

It will take a long time for folks in Lumberton to rebuild, and the church says they have no plans to stop their weekly deliveries anytime soon.  It's even inspired them to take on more to help people in Charlotte.

"We're talking about opening a pantry here now, all because of Lumberton," said Rev. Cekuta. "It has really broadened the scope of what the church can do."

For more information about how you can help St. John's Episcopal Church in their efforts, click here.