CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Mecklenburg police are taking extra security measures to protect officers after an ambush-style shooting Thursday night at the law enforcement center.

Investigators say homicide and kidnapping suspect Jonathan Bennett opened fire on officers in the parking lot of police headquarters.

Officers fired back, and killed Bennet.

CMPD says from now, on day or night, the public cannot access the facility unless they are buzzed in.

Authorities say they have to protect the people who protect others.   

"You always have to have an open door policy where the public feels safe, we just have to make sure that when they're on that property, like anyone's property, that we make it as safe as possible," one officer said.

We're told there is body camera footage of the shooting between officers and Bennett that could be released as early as next week.

Casey Shue, the officer that was injured in the shooting, has been released from the hospital.