Cold air has arrived and will continue to spread over the next few days.

High temps across the Piedmont will be in the 40s with overnight lows working into the mid 20s Saturday and Sunday. 

Monday we may feel the lower 20s to start the day. 

Mountain folks will experience in the mid to lower 30s Friday and Saturday with just the upper 20s Sunday.

Overnight lows will dip into the mid to upper 10s by the weekend. 

Area ski operations should all be open Saturday.  Snow making is in process as I type.

Speaking of snow....

While the mountains are in the better position for snow, Friday through Sunday; 1-3". The Piedmont could see some snow mixed with a cold rain and sleet Friday through early Saturday. The more likely scenario is later Friday night. 

Given ground temps, and the lack of a good powerful source for cold air, to support the thicknesses needed for wintry shenanigans, at best, this will be a minor event with no real impacts for roads and such.

Areas close to the I-40 zone, or north of I-85 could, perhaps, see a light dusting on grassy surfaces.  Exciting for sure, but nothing to write home about in the end.  We'll see how this goes.  Later next week could be a bit more interesting.

Keep checking in with Weather on the ONES for updates and any changes to the forecast thinking. Yes, things can change.