WAKE COUNTY - A new battle is brewing in Wake County schools as the Board of Education nears final talks on the WCPSS Enrollment Plan 2018-19.

The board continued dicussions on the third draft on Tuesday which addresses student assignment to four new schools including South Garner High School, Apex Friendship Middle School, Bryan Road Elementary School and Buckhorn Creek Elementary School in Holly Springs.

Some parents in Holly Springs are outraged over the draft that would move 84 percent of the students to the new traditional school when they're currently at year round schools. That means up to 350 students who are year round could soon be on a traditional schedule if they're moved to Buckhorn Creek.

The school board says changing it to year round would cause problems because it wouldn't be ready in time for the 2018-19 school year and students would have to start in a different spot. 

Board member Jim Martin said community feedback was the reason for originally adding more traditional options in the area. 

“It was that community feedback that led to the planning of Buckhorn Creek to be on the traditional calendar and so I’m a little frustrated in some of the response you know you’re not listening to the community because in fact listening to the community is why Buckhorn Creek was being built on the tradition calendar,” Martin said during the board's work session Tuesday afternoon.

Parents who said they watched the work session commented on Martin's reasoning. Holly Spring resident Alice Rup said, “For the board members who keep saying that the community want’s traditional schools, show me the data.”

And Tim Manhardt said, “Traditional is the easy way, that’s what you said four years ago, five years ago, times have changed. The community has grown far beyond the projections that were there four or five years ago."

While there is still time for discussion among the board, they plan to consider all feedback and make a decision of a final draft of the plan on December 5.

“Of course everyone is disheartened, reluctant, there’s no easy decision. We have growth, we open a new school, we have legislative mandates so many factors and I feel like the board made tonight, we talked about the best decision that we can, we move draft three with a few things and so we bring that to the table,” said Chair Monika Johnson-Hostler.