CHARLOTTE -- Months after a 5-year-old girl got on a school bus and was dropped off in the wrong neighborhood, the little girl's parents finally meet the couple who found her and helped get her home.

Two parents, two strangers turned guardian angels.

Let's rewind back to the first day of school in Charlotte. The Foremans said a family member was supposed to pick up their 5-year-old daughter from Nathaniel Alexander Elementary.

Instead, Gerria Foreman got a call saying her daughter wasn't there. Turns out the Foremans said she got on a bus and the driver dropped her off miles away from home.

The Johnsons said they saw the child crying and wandering around.

"Just seeing her, knowing that I knew she was in trouble. Just that gut instinct of well, no, I have to stop," Robert Johnson said.

They called 911 and then her parents thanks to an identification tag attached to her backpack.

Once police came to pick her up, the Johnsons left.

"They embraced her and kept her safe until we could get her. I never got the chance to say thank you," Gerald Foreman said.

The Foremans spent these past few months wondering who watched over their child.

Their attorney helped find the couple.

"My private investigator, Stephon Rose, was able to back track through CMPD and was able to find his name and number," attorney Yolanda Trotman said.

The Foremans say now that they have closure to this part of the story, the final step is pushing Charlotte-Mecklenburg school leaders to make some changes to its policies.

"To put some law in effect that protects everybody's child so something like this does not happen again," Gerria Foreman said.

The Foreman's daughter no longer goes to Nathaniel Alexander Elementary School.

We reached out to CMS for an update to see if they plan on making any changes. We're still waiting to hear back.