BOONE, N.C. - A Tennessee family is mourning the loss of their son after he was hit and killed by an accused drunk driver in Boone last week.

The family says they just want answers about what happened that night.

Highway patrol say Adam Greer was walking with Tim Watson on Highway 105 last Saturday morning when 18-year-old Makala O’Brien hit and killed Greer and sent Watson to the hospital in critical condition.

Troopers say O’Brien left the scene, dropped off the truck she was driving and fled to Tennessee.

O’Brien was later picked up and brought back to Boone where she was arrested. She is now facing multiple charges including DWI and fatal hit and run.

Greer's family says they want to know why O’Brien drove away and left Greer to die on the highway.

Tim Watson has since been released from the hospital and is home recovering.