Race fans are hoping weather doesn't interrupt the All-Star race Saturday night. While the chance of a shower or thunderstorm continues small, it still could go either way.

It all depends on the location of a backdoor cold front. These cold fronts move in an atypical fashion.  They come in from the north or northeast instead of a typical west or northwest direction. Models have been slowing down the arrival of the front until very late Saturday night or Sunday morning.  

Saturday looks like a rather hot day with highs near 90 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord. Showers and a few thunderstorms will break out late in the day towards the Raleigh area and head southwest. At this point, the chance of any reaching the track are slim but not zero. The best bet for race fans is to dress for a hot day and warm evening and perhaps pack a poncho.

The backdoor front will dissipate on Sunday but another cold front -- this one coming in from the west -- will produce some showers and storms across the Piedmont and Triad regions later in the day and especially at night. Rain is likely to continue into Monday.