CHARLOTTE -- It's a disappointing season for the Carolina Panthers. Monday at the team store, parking not a problem compared to last December.

"We were 13-0 last year at this time. We gotta 'keep pounding' and it is still good to watch our Panthers,” said Panthers fan Daniel Poffenbarger.

However, watching isn't what some fans seem to be doing. Charlotte business owner Norm Randall says his restaurant, Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, felt the momentum last year.

"Last year, with the Panthers success, it was crazy. It was awesome. We were packed every single game, home and away; away was a little busier,” said Randall.

It seems as the Panthers season slipped away, so did fans.

"This year, first couple of weeks, I think everybody had some hopes, some momentum, and then it just sort of with their play, hasn't been quite what everyone was expecting. I would say the impact for us is tens of thousands of dollars.

Randall says they would expect a bigger crowd for Monday night's game, if the team's record was better.

"We actually staffed half as many as we would on a normal Panthers home game,” said Randall.

Also seeing the impact are personal seat licenses. Last season, some PSLs were doubling in value, but, this year, not so much.

"We've seen prices down, 20 to 25 percent from those peaks we saw leading into the season; demand, the demand level from buyers is really down, 40 percent,” said Greg Carl, a managing partner with PSL Source.

Even with the team's record, fans continue to back the home team, rain or shine.

"We support the Panthers. We're going to continue supporting them. We're not fair-weather fans,” said Randall.

"The Panthers will host the Atlanta Falcons this Saturday at Bank of America stadium. It's the last home game for the 2016 season. Both fans and business owners are hoping the team will finish strong.