CHARLOTTE -- For the first time, North Carolina's Spanish speaking voters have a step-by-step guide in their native language.

Three non-partisan North Carolina community organizations created the statewide A-to-Z voter guide which includes voter questions on voter ID, where to vote, how to vote and even description of candidates.      

There are over 162,000 registered Hispanics in North Carolina including 26,000 in Mecklenburg and 21,000 in Wake counties.

Executive Director of El Pueblo, which is one of the three organizations behind the guide, Angeline Echeverria said there are still many voters out there who have not voted and will find this guide useful.

"It’s the first time we've been able to have a collaboration of this nature. In the past, we've been able to get some of the materials in Spanish but this is first time that we have the full statewide voter guide both online and in print fully in Spanish,” said Echeverria.

In all, 40,000 copies were made in North Carolina.

They have been handed out to community organizations which will distribute them. 

For an English and Spanish version of the guide, click here.