SALISBURY, N.C. -- A group in Salisbury has seen the need for legal aid, but they that not everyone has access to the help they provide. A new justice initiative aims to help people by coming to them. It’s the brain child of City Council member and attorney David Post.

It’s hard to miss the bright green RV rolling through Salisbury and East Spencer. Jackie Leach, who needed some legal help, knows firsthand just what the traveling “Center for Access to Justice” can do.

"He was able to take time out even though he had other things scheduled to help me and from that point on, he's been a great access to me and I'm quite sure he'll be a great access to others,” said Leach.

A chance meeting at the courthouse gave Leach the help she needed. The traveling initiative is the result of years of planning, by Post and other community attorneys and activists. Post saw a need for legal help, after talking with some West End residents.

"A lot of them don't have cars, so the only way for them to see me, is they have to take a bus and then a second bus, so I came up with this idea of an RV,” said Post.

"There are more people that go to the courthouse every single day, every single day, then go to every doctor and the hospital in Salisbury,” said Post.

Post said legal aid is hard to come by in the Salisbury and Greensboro area, with 200,000 people qualifying for legal aid.

"You have about one lawyer for about 40-50 thousand people,” said Post.

Post is hoping to recruit more attorneys to help with the new initiative. To get involved, call Post at 704-216-1600