CHARLOTTE -- Despite some very vocal opposition, the CRTPO has given the green light for the I-77 toll lane project. 

The organization voted to reaffirm the region's transportation plan, which includes several managed lane projects.

The vote came after an hour or so of public commentary. 

About 20 people spoke, most against the toll lanes on i-77. 

Some called the current contract for the project a disaster and blamed the governor for putting local governments in a position to approve it. 

At times the debate got very heated. 

CRTPO already voted once to approve the I-77 toll project last fall, but after continued backlash and criticism, Governor Pat McCrory asked the organization to revisit the issue andtake a new vote.

CRTPO delegates from several towns along I-77 in the Lake Norman area voted against the managed lanes strategy tonight, but ultimately were not in the majority. 

Construction has already begun on the 650-million dollar project, which would add optional toll lanes on I-77 from uptown Charlotte to Mooresville.

Transportation secretary Nick Tennyson did say based on the feedback tonight and at previous meetings. He will try to renegotiate parts of the contract people don’t like. 

But at this point, barring any action from the governor or state lawmakers, this looks to be a done deal for I-77.