CHARLOTTE -- A new non-profit in Charlotte hopes to brighten up people’s birthdays with a sweet surprise.

“A kid loves to know that their birthday is coming, and sometimes I think we forget the small things. The small things are someone acknowledging that it's your birthday, and a birthday cake acknowledges that it's your birthday,” Khalimah Thomas said. 

And that's what Meocia Ricks and Kai Thomas hope to accomplish through the new Mecklenburg County chapter of "Birthday Cakes 4 Free."

“I was one of those kids that necessarily didn't always have because there were so many of us. Sometimes I got a cake. Sometimes I didn't. So I feel like everybody's birthday should be celebrated regardless of their age,” said Ricks.

On Sunday morning, they showed how they make fondant icing and a sample cake. The non-profit will connect with the Department of Social Services and other organizations and bake birthday cakes or cupcakes for children, teens and seniors in need.

Khajah Holland Thomas, 10, said, “I want to see smiles on their faces, like happiness, and say to them happy birthday from me to you and have a good birthday.”

Thomas said baking is what her daughter Khajah loves to do with the whole family. Now, their love for baking will help people celebrate their special day.

"Birthday Cakes 4 Free" is looking for volunteers and donations. They can bake different types of cakes to meet dietary restrictions as well.