SOUTH CAROLINA -- About two weeks before the Confederate flag came down from South Carolina's State House grounds, the Sons of Confederate veterans rallied, wanting the flag to stay up.

Now a day before the KKK is supposed to rally for the same reason, Bill Starnes, a member of the SCV, wants people to know the two organizations aren't affiliated in any way.

"Although we do proudly display our Confederate symbols, we're nothing like these other people who are displaying our symbols. They're doing it wrong-headed, and they're doing it out of ignorance," said Bill Starnes, commander of the Maj. Charles Q. Petty Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

This statement was released earlier this month, when the SCV heard about the KKK's rally.

"The Commander-in-Chief says the 300,000 members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans vehemently oppose and denounce this hateful and divisive event. We stand with the good-hearted Americans in strongly condemning race haters of any ilk."

"We condemn a lot of the things they have done in the past, in fact, probably most of the things they have done in the past," said Starnes.

Starnes listened to the automated answering machine message from the KKK group organizing tomorrow's rally, shaking his head wanting to reassure everyone the SCV waves the Confederate flag because of heritage and not because of hate.

"We don't support those folks we don't endorse them in any way,” said Starnes.