NORTH CAROLINA -- All across the state, breweries are popping up and you might find yourself at one for your next holiday party.

The big craze to go to those breweries can also have big impacts when it comes to your diet plan.

Total Nutrition Technology registered dietitian Christiane Matey says calorie counts vary widely. A beer can have over 1,000 calories. She recommends swapping some of those for lighter versions.

"Vodka and soda on the rocks with some lime, that's a lot more lower calorie than having a margarita that's around 5- to 600 calories," said Matey. "You're looking at a difference of 3- to 400 calories with just those drinks."

You may have eaten healthfully all week and even hit the gym, but just a few drinks could derail your plan.

Matey also says at parties, try swapping your alcohol for soda water instead to save even more calories.