CHARLOTTE – There is a colorful new exhibit at UNC-Charlotte's uptown campus that is also making a statement.

Mexican-born artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner owned a successful mural painting business. She is now an art activist focusing on the immigration struggle in the Charlotte community.

"My work has changed,” said Torres-Weiner.

She changed her goals after a client had no idea of the extent of immigrant issues in Charlotte.

"And that's when I thought I need to educate my community. People didn't know that the partitions were happening here, that families were being separated right here,” said Torres-Weiner.

Her newest project is a 30-foot mural, which is part of UNC Charlotte's larger theme on human flight.

"We are a University that is not afraid to have a discussion,” said Crista Commaroto, the director of galleries at UNCC.

At the center of the mural is Lady Justice, blindfolded.

"And she has a big Mexican skirt underneath her,” said Torres-Weiner.

Surrounding her is an activist, a student granted a pathway to higher education, a student who must now turn to construction work.

"Cultural diversity is extremely important to us and we like to take a look at where things are changing and lets talk about it at least so this is my way of creating a platform for that conversation,” said Commaroto.

Torres-Weiner said she wants to make an even stronger statement.  

"I'm going to bring my ice painting, I'm going to tell them my stories, and I'm going to talk about it,” said Torrest-Weiner.