LITTLEROCK, Calif. - Out of the 59 victims from Sunday’s massacre in Las Vegas, over 20 are from in Southern California.

One of them grew up in Littlerock and went to school at Littlerock High School.

A picture was posted on Melissa Ramirez’s Instagram page with the caption “The Start of Day Two” on Saturday. One day later, her life would be tragically cut short.

The 26-year-old grew up in Littlerock. She went on to graduate from Cal State Bakersfield in 2014 with a degree in business administration and worked as a member specialist for AAA of Southern California. 

Ramirez was a Philadelphia Eagles fan, a proud aunt, and according to her cousin, comes from a big tight knit family.

She also had a big love for country music, which ultimately drew her to last weekend’s festival.

Spectrum News has reached out to her family. They say they are busy planning her funeral services.